Lazyman Supported AstroNvim Neovim Configurations

The following are Lazyman supported AstroNvim based Neovim configurations:

Install all Lazyman supported AstroNvim configurations with the command lazyman -i astronvim.

📦 What is AstroNvim

AstroNvim is one of the most popular Neovim “distributions” along with LazyVim, LunarVim, and NvChad. These aren’t really distributions, they do not include Neovim, but that is what they are called. They are more accurately described as “Neovim configuration frameworks”. In most cases they provide some pre-configuration of plugins as well as an easy way to extend the base configuration.

A Neovim configuration framework can be of considerable assistance in managing the exploding Neovim plugin ecosystem, quickly and easily incorporating advanced features, and maintaining an up-to-date Neovim configuration.

Features that distinguish AstroNvim include:

Read our overview and comparison of Neovim configuration distributions.

⭐ Overview

AstroNvim is an aesthetic and feature-rich neovim config that is extensible and easy to use with a great set of plugins

🌟 Preview

Preview Image

✨ Features

⚡ Requirements

  • Nerd Fonts (Optional with manual intervention: See Documentation on customizing icons)
  • Neovim 0.8+ (Not including nightly)
  • Tree-sitter CLI (Note: This is only necessary if you want to use auto_install feature with Treesitter)
  • A clipboard tool is necessary for the integration with the system clipboard (see :help clipboard-tool for supported solutions)
  • Terminal with true color support (for the default theme, otherwise it is dependent on the theme you are using)
  • Optional Requirements:
    • ripgrep - live grep telescope search (<leader>fw)
    • lazygit - git ui toggle terminal (<leader>tl or <leader>gg)
    • go DiskUsage() - disk usage toggle terminal (<leader>tu)
    • bottom - process viewer toggle terminal (<leader>tt)
    • Python - python repl toggle terminal (<leader>tp)
    • Node - node repl toggle terminal (<leader>tn)

🛠️ Community Plugin Configurations

One of the strongest features of AsroNvim is the community-provided setups from the AstroCommunity repository. This is a repository of many many preconfigured Neovim plugins ready to easily incorporate in an AstroNvim based configuration.

For example, to enable language tools (LSP and DAP etc.) for Rust and Python, your plugins/community.lua file can look like the following:

return {
  -- Add the community repository of plugin specifications
  -- example of importing a plugin, comment out to use it or add your own
  -- available plugins can be found at https://github.com/AstroNvim/astrocommunity
  -- { import = "astrocommunity.colorscheme.catppuccin" },
  { import = "astrocommunity.pack.rust" },
  { import = "astrocommunity.pack.python" },

📹 Videos

There have been some great review videos released by members of the community. Here are a few: