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AstroNvimStart Neovim Configuration Information

Default AstroNvim example configuration

  • Install and initialize: lazyman -x AstroNvimStart
  • Configuration category: Starter
  • Base configuration: AstroNvim
  • Plugin manager: Lazy
  • Installation location: ~/.config/nvim-AstroNvimStart

Git repository




Lazy managed plugins

AstroNvimStart Keymaps

normal mode keymaps

Stage Git hunkgs  
Terminate Session (S-F5)dQ  
Stage Git buffergS  
Unstage Git hunkgu  
Clear BreakpointsdB  
View Git diffgd  
Step Out (S-F11)dO  
Toggle ExplorereNeotree toggle 
ToggleTerm horizontal splitthToggleTerm size=10 direction=horizontal 
Toggle CodeLensuL  
Toggle Explorer Focuso  
ToggleTerm vertical splittvToggleTerm size=80 direction=vertical 
Load last sessionSlSessionManager! load_last_session 
Toggle spellcheckus  
Save this sessionSsSessionManager! save_current_session 
Toggle foldcolumnuh  
Search symbolsls  
Load current directory sessionS.SessionManager! load_current_dir_session 
Mason InstallerpmMason 
Find words in all filesfW  
Find filesff  
Mason UpdatepMMasonUpdateAll 
Toggle Breakpoint (F9)db  
Step Over (F10)do  
Start/Continue (F5)dc  
Conditional Breakpoint (S-F9)dC  
Step Into (F11)di  
Search sessionsSfSessionManager! load_session 
Toggle wrapuw  
Toggle URL highlightuu  
Toggle concealuS  
Git commits (current file)gC  
Delete sessionSdSessionManager! delete_session 
Toggle paste modeup  
New Filenenew 
Toggle NotificationsuN  
Change line numberingun  
Find wordsfw  
Toggle statuslineul  
Change indent settingui  
ToggleTerm floattfToggleTerm direction=float 
Symbols outlinelS  
ToggleTerm nodetn  
Git branchesgb  
ToggleTerm pythontp  
Git commits (repository)gc  
ToggleTerm gdutu  
Git statusgt  
Resume previous searchf  
Close all buffers to the leftbl  
Find marksf’  
ToggleTerm btmtt  
Find words in current bufferf/  
New tabbntabnew 
Find AstroNvim config filesfa  
Pick to closebD  
Find buffersfb  
Find word under cursorfc  
Find all filesfF  
Find helpfh  
Find keymapsfk  
Find manfm  
Find notificationsfn  
Find historyfo  
Find registersfr  
Toggle autopairsua  
Toggle backgroundub  
Toggle autocompletionuc  
Toggle color highlightuCColorizerToggle 
Toggle diagnosticsud  
Plugins Installpi  
Toggle signcolumnug  
Plugins Statusps  
Plugins SyncpS  
Plugins Check Updatespu  
Plugins UpdatepU  
Update Plugins and Mason PackagespaAstroUpdatePackages 
AstroNvim UpdatepAAstroUpdate 
AstroNvim VersionpvAstroVersion 
AstroNvim ChangelogplAstroChangelog 
Close bufferc  
Force close bufferC  
Toggle tablineut  
Close all buffers except currentbc  
Quitqconfirm q 
Close all buffersbC  
Select buffer from tablinebb  
Toggle syntax highlightuy  
Close buffer from tablinebd  
Find commandsfC  
Previous bufferbp  
Close all buffers to the rightbr  
By extensionbse  
Close Sessiondq  
By relative pathbsr  
By full pathbsp  
Pause (F6)dp  
By buffer numberbsi  
Restart (C-F5)dr  
By modificationbsm  
Toggle REPLdR  
Horizontal split buffer from tablineb\  
Run To Cursords  
Vertical split buffer from tablineb  
Evaluate InputdE  
Toggle Debugger UIdu  
Debugger Hoverdh  
Home Screenh  
Toggle comment line/  
Find themesft  
View Git blamegl  
View full Git blamegL  
ToggleTerm lazygitgg  
Preview Git hunkgp  
ToggleTerm lazygittl  
Reset Git hunkgh  
Reset Git buffergr  
Nvim builtin&:&& 
Move buffer tab leftb  
Move buffer tab right>b  
Nvim builtinYy$ 
Previous tab[t  
Previous buffer[b  
Previous Git hunk[g  
Horizontal Split\split 
Next buffer]b  
Next tab]t  
Next Git hunk]g  
Open the file under cursor with system appgx  
Comment toggle blockwisegb  
Comment toggle linewisegc  
Move cursor downjv:count == 0 ? ‘gj’ : ‘j’ 
Move cursor upkv:count == 0 ? ‘gk’ : ‘k’ 
Close all foldszM  
Fold lesszr  
Fold morezm  
Peek foldzp  
Open all foldszR  
Vertical Split  vsplit
Toggle terminal<C-‘>ToggleTerm 
Debugger: Start  
Debugger: Stop  
Debugger: Conditional Breakpoint  
Debugger: Restart  
Debugger: Pause  
Resize split left  
Debugger: Toggle Breakpoint  
Resize split up  
Debugger: Step Over  
Debugger: Step Into  
Debugger: Step Out  
Move to left split  
Resize split down  
Resize split right  
Move to above split  
Move to below split  
Force writew! 
Force quitq! 
Toggle terminalToggleTerm 
Move to right split  

visual mode keymaps

Indent line>gv
Toggle comment for selection/lua require('Comment.api').toggle.linewise(vim.fn.visualmode())
Evaluate InputdE 
Nvim builtin#y?\V"
Nvim builtin*y/\V"
Comment toggle blockwisegb 
Comment toggle linewisegc 
Unindent linegv

operator mode keymaps

| Description | LHS | RHS | | ———– | — | — |

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